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A Meta-Systemic Approach

Anchored in on-the-ground action.


The Evolution of Collaboration


The foundational premise of SANE is that successful navigation of today's challenges requires our ability to do more than change society or even culture. It asks of us to go even deeper and to fundamentally change the basis (or generator) of culture: to change the form of collective intelligence by which we develop and sustain culture and creates spaces for such culture to come alive. In other words, to evolve our capacity for collaboration.

We envision A Sustainable, All-considerate, Numinous, Evolutionary global civilization. A SANE one.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Dennis Gabor

SANE Bioregions

SANE is creating a land-based context to explore all things SANE and specifically how we humans might live in sacred relationship with the natural world and each other. This cultural, on-the-ground, and simultaneous virtual experiment in creating bioregions of the future is offered as a contribution to the many efforts around the world working on similar aligned initiatives, so that together we can help change the tides of over-consumption, competition and conflict.

SANE Bioregions consist of a series of decentralized bioregional resiliency pilot projects across the globe. Decentralized bioregions are land-based nodes of humans building innovative real-life examples of the sustainable future we know is possible. They are connected, synergizing and communicating through a web-based platform: the SANE platform. The SANE token ecosystem will allow for a decentralized local economy and a cross-bioregion economy. SANE culture connects locations across the globe and provides “home extensions” for participants. Each project is built to scale and replicate. 


Business has become the greatest shaper of our modern world. Every time we spend money, every time we make a transaction, every time we create a product or service, we impact both our collective problems and/or their solutions. Essentially, our current economy underlies and affects most human systems and interactions.

In order for humanity to move to a new level of care and integrity, we need to create an effective economic system, as well as supportive tools and structures that allow people from all walks of life to participate in shifting our world to an all-considerate place.

For our future to become sustainable, it will have to center around regenerative bioregional economies. Our exponentially growing dependence on global supply chains makes us incredibly vulnerable to sudden shifts in the economic landscape, and the embodied ecological footprint of our current economic system is ultimately completely unsustainable. We need a new economic frame that is directly tied to our earth systems. If the circulation of money remains disassociated from earth’s resources, our over-consumption will continue unabated and lead to large-scale ecological collapse.

SANE, the primary blockchain-based token for the SANE token ecosystem, will be used as a reserve currency that is directly linked to bioproductive capacity, biodiversity and the healthy functioning of ecosystems. CO2, our first token to launch in the SANE token ecosystem, will connect the emerging Carbon market with customers, carbon credit providers, businesses and governments wanting to meet their commitments to carbon reduction.

Bioregions onboarding on the SANE platform will be able to create their own token and exchange seamlessly across the SANE token ecosystem for cross-bioregion economic activities. Bioregional tokens will be specifically tailored for bioregions to create a local economy using blockchain, and for SANE bioregions to exchange goods and services amongst one another. 

Through strategic partnership with Zer0, the marketplace will utilize the Zero Open System (zOS) which is a fast, secure and scalable peer-to-peer application protocol, development stack and interface layer capable of handling millions of transactions per second.

SANE Culture

One of the core premises of SANE is that a sane culture gives rise to sane humans, who in turn have a growing capacity to help build a saner world. SANE, therefore, attempts to create the conditions for humans to come together at an octave that allows for synergy to happen naturally, for creativity to be empowered, for generativity to be harnessed, for humans to become integrated and whole, and for the SANE entrepreneurial spirit to be given the support it requires to exponentially charge our collective momentum so that, together, we can contribute to a sane world.

A sane culture must have effective systems and practices to help navigate inevitable differences and to remain resilient together in the face of challenge.

As the main through-thread in all aspects of SANE, the culture is what ties everything together and gets at the generator function of SANE.

SANE Technology

Technology has become an integral part of the human experience. It affects all of our systems of interaction, from education to communication, energy, and economies. Unfortunately with every passing year all of the above are becoming increasingly compromised. Our children are being educated by the likes of TikTok and Instagram, our sense making is bombarded by fake news and censorship, our energy systems are vulnerable to hacks, and our debt-based fiat economy is becoming more unstable by the day. 

SANE -- through strategic partnership with Zer0 -- is offering an online community and a distributed platform, that is connected with local bioregions and populated by humans who have realized that evolving our capacity for collaboration is key to a SANE future. This platform attracts organizations and networks that are focusing on elements of a SANE world, but know that what they are doing is still limited, and that greater synergy is needed to truly affect systemic change in the world. It aims to attract individuals and collectives who have come to a deep realization that current systems and structures are not built to withstand the pressure and polarization we are presently experiencing. 

The SANE platform enables communication, remote collaboration, financial transactions and onchain governance to occur directly between content creators, developers, and members -- and all this independently of third parties. It creates an environment where synergy and collaboration increase dramatically for service and product suppliers, as well as for involved networks and individuals. The data ownership and platform incentives are moved to individual Members and Networks hosted on SANE. Zer0 is operated with Infinity, its native protocol token, and the SANE Token Ecosystem (SANE) is built on top of Infinity. The result is a hyper-scalable, vertically integrated “Community of Communities'' platform that supports synergy amongst participants and organizations.

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